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Sri Anand Chess Wings Quotes "You will never win , if you never start" Chess is a good game it help to active your mind so start playing chess . Don't worry about win or loss Start Playing chess
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Sri Anand Chess Wings Presents One of the Quite Hard chess puzzle ever, White to play and mate in three a challenging puzzle to all .
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Sri Anand Chess Wings secretary M Gopi Nadh. This Academy Affiliated to The Andhra Pradesh Chess Association Reg No:-472 . The Best Chess Coaching Academy in guntur & Best chess Training Institute in Guntur. Chess makes kids smarter, it improves thinking abilities, it helps to make a right Decision, perfect Planning, Right judgment, it develops patience as well.
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Sri Anand Chess Academy guntur presents Best Chess Puzzle ever White to play and win
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Best Chess Training Center in Guntur Sri Anand Chess Wings Experience chess academy and Best chess Coaching academy in guntur from last four years We present 17 Fide International rated chess players From Our Academy Sri Anand Chess Wings Always welcome to all who want to learn chess...........................